We create advertising campaigns and, for companies, internal campaigns. In both instances, we look for creative ways to connect with the target market and also, to create a reaction that reaches the objectives of the client.


Our services

  • Launch campaign
  • Expectation campaign
  • Reactivation campaign
  • Maintenance campaign
  • Re-launch campaign
  • Targeted campaigns
  • Adapted campaigns

¿Why develop a campaign?

There are various reasons and objectives by client and by momento through its life in the market. Many look to reinforce their positioning, to plan a launch in order to enter the market or to get new clients or consumers. For any of this objectives, the process is different but very similar since they all are formed by the same parts: planning, tool and platform selection and result monitoring.

¿What is taken into consideration to cover a campaign?

In order to plan an effective campaign we keep into consideration the most important: the message that wants to be communicated. This message is communicated with 3 expected results: reach the target market, that the message is clearly transmitted and that it is encouraging viewers or receivers to go from message to action.

A step by step of how we’ll work:

  • Define an objective: New clients, positioning, raise of database, could be some objectives between a unlimited list of objectives that could be established.
  • Definition of a Target Market: Find a niche or a part of the market that should be established as a target market and adequate the main message to reach them.
  • Know our position in the market according to the established objective: To know our competition, have our weaknesses and strengths clear and to know the tendencies of the moment to have them as a frame of reference.
  • Establish a budget: To have an established budget could help define what the media will be convenient and where it would be easy for the brand to reach the target market and communicate the message directly to the pre-established market.
  • Define Media: A campaign can be carried through traditional media like tv, press or radio or through new media like digital media like website, email marketing, social media and digital marketing.
  • Developing a Message: The message to be used in the campaign should be as specific as possible in order to develop visual, paid advertisements and variations of it that could help cover the objectives.

When all this elements are defined, we go to the implementation of the campaign strategy, followed by the constant evaluation of results.


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