We see the artistic potencial of every space. We explore the brand, we create a concept, we design it and… make it happen!
Our goal is to create spaces that call people’s attention while telling a story and creating an impact in the consumer.


Our services

  • Creativity and Concept
  • Design of Showcases
  • Assembly of Showcases

¿Why a showcase?

Showcasing lets you reflect in a physical space inside the store an idea or concept by ways of visual merchandising. Basically all the decoration of it is centered in highlighting a product or many products that can be purchased in the store.

The showcase of the establishment is a call of action. It doesn’t only attract the usual buyers but it also attracts the interest of consumers who are no familiarized with the brand.

publications and advertising lead to this point in which the possible prospect comes to the store. For this moments is important that the promoted coincides with what is offered in the store.

3 basic elements of our showcases

In Kiosco we focus on having 3 elements that are highly important and we make them the center of any creative piece in showcasing or visual merchandising:

  • Armony: There should be balance and coordination between the interior of the store, the message that wants to be transmitted and the product that wants to be promoted.
  • Simplicity: We can tell a story visually with simple elements as we could also create elements of visual merchandising that elevate the message or product through a story created. In both occasion, even if the story is hard to tell, simplicity should prevail.
  • Connection: It is important that there is a connection created between the product and the brand, connection between the product and the visual elements of the showcase and between the whole showcase and the store. Together, everything should transmit one overall message.


    Some of our works