An important part of the digital positioning of brands is presence in social media. The platforms in which the brands are located depend entirely on the target market and the content segmented by network is important depending on the user’s profile.

Our Services

  • Creation of Social Profiles
  • Creation of Strategy
  • Content Creation

¿Why is it important to have social media presence?

Today the social media platform work as the yellow pages use to work in the past. After positioning a brand through web, if a brand is not on the main social media platforms, it could lose credibility or lower the level of trust build in a client.

¿What does social media management include?

Originally, social media is an important part of a content marketing strategy. In this process we focus on creating relevant content for the brand’s target market.

Content Creation:

Includes the creation, publication and monitoring in social media:

  • Copywriting: Text creation and content edition.
  • Visuals: Arts and design, including a photoshoot.

Ad Management:

For a better reach, we work with target segmentation and the creating of small audiences per brand, making social media investment on ads as optimal as possible.

Metrics Report:

There is a monthly report or a trimestral one that includes reach, engagement, and impressions by the audience. In addition, any type of data that we may find relevant for the brand and the improvement of paid media.

Integrated Campaigns:

We put together Web, Google AdWords and Social media through a creative concept inspired by an objective defined by the client. This kind of campaign works for a finite time and with previously established KPI’s.