We develop and program each website taking always into consideration that the final result is user friendly, easy to navigate and filled with essence of the brand.


Our services

  • Web development
  • Interfaces Design
  • Web maintenance
  • Domain
  • Hosting
  • SEO
  • Analysis of data
  • Development of Web Systems
  • Development of CRM
  • Training and Consulting

¿Why have a website?

The base of a digital presence is a website. This has to store all the information that the brand, the company or the organization wishes to project. Basically, it is a permanent database without external actualizations that presents the image of the company on a digital level.

Any kind of advertising or information given in any digital media should redirect to the website.

Besides giving and receiving information, the website should focus on improving the positioning of the brand in the main search engines (SEO).

Our process: UX AND UI

Two parts highly important to the creation a website is the UX Design (user experience) and the UI Design (user interface).

UX Design (User Experience)

In this part the following is taken into consideration

  • Strategy and Content
    • Competition Analysis
    • Consumer Analysis
    • Product Strategy
    • Content Development
  • Prototype and WireFrame
    • Wireframe Design
    • Prototipe
    • Tests
    • Development Plan
  • Execution and Metrics
    • Coordination with UI
    • Coordination of Development
    • Measurement of Goals and Integration
    • Analisis and Changes.

UI Design (User Interface)

No menos importante es la relación del consumidor con el sitio web. Para esta parte de la creación del sitio web se consideran dos partes importante:

  • Look and Feel
    • Consumer Analysis
    • Design Investigation
    • Branding and Graphic Development
    • History and User Guides (Flow)
  • Interactivity and Animation:
    • Prototype UI
    • Interactivity and Animation
    • Adaptation to all sizes of screens
    • Implementation and Development.


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